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As a volunteer, you choose how often you provide assistance, whether it's daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly... any assistance is appreciated.

Our volunteers come from all walks of life, including corporations, school teachers, doctors and university students. Currently our oldest volunteer, who has been working with us for 35 years, is 85 years young. Our youngest volunteer is 18 years old.

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Our Stories

Emily & Ryan

Emily and Ryan volunteer regularly with Judy over school holidays and have discovered some of the many joys associated with helping at Meals on Wheels. When asked by Judy to describe the experience and what it means to them, this is what they shared.

What's the best thing about being a meals on Wheels volunteer?

E: Personally the best thing is being able to form the connections and relationships with the clients you visit, and there is a fascinating side of hearing about their experiences and lives. Seeing the difference your visit can make to their lives, even for a while is definitely worth it as well.

R:Interacting with the elderly and finding out about their day and overall checking on them.

MOW slogan is “More than just a meal”. What does this mean?

E:To me, more than just meal is about caring for the clients by inquiring about their health, and giving them a chance to talk freely to you as a peer. It's about offering companionship, as many clients live alone or may not have close family or carers to talk with. It's about genuinely caring for them and letting them know that you care with your visit and interaction.

R:It is more then a meal - for some people this is their only meeting with a person. And as the person who delivers their food I should be checking in with them as well and checking with what they need.

Going away? No dramas just let us know your dates and we'll arrange someone to cover your roster.